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The warm summer of 2022 has produced an exceptional harvest for robust reds and surprising whites in Trentino. Wine experts unanimously agree that the above-average temperatures have particularly benefited full-bodied reds. White wines, thriving in all cultivation zones of the province, are notably robust, maintaining freshness and fruity characteristics.

Record temperatures in May accelerated flowering, especially in higher-altitude areas. The exceptionally warm and dry months of June, July, and August led to controlled vegetative development, allowing grape harvesting two or three weeks earlier than usual in most cultivation areas.

The heat and drought conditions, combined with ideal grape maturation, have predominantly favored red wines. For white grape varieties, the 2022 vintage boasts good sugar levels, below-average acidity, and a very healthy harvest.

In Trento, 2022 marks a historic period for red wines, with whites displaying surprising qualities. In particular, the 2022 Pinot Noir is evolving into a robust and fruity wine of great interest, while Teroldego and Lagrein show promising prospects with beautiful mature, and refined tannins on the palate. Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio are particularly intriguing, Gewürztraminer is very fruity and promising, and Müller Thurgau has the potential for a fabulous year. In essence, all wines from the 2022 vintage are uniformly developing at a very high level.

La Cantina

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