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Villa Corniole aims to operate as a high-quality winery in Trentino. Our passion for excellence has always been and continues to be our inspiration. It is a source of pride for us to offer identity-driven wines from a challenging and unique terroir.

Villa Corniole has its roots in the picturesque Valle di Cembra, a land of heroic viticulture in the heart of Trentino-Alto Adige. For generations, our family has cultivated vines and produced mountain wines, contributing to the creation of one of the region's most important and distinctive wine landscapes.

Our Roots: The passion for viticulture runs deep in our family. Since ancient times, previous generations have diligently tended to the vineyards on these steep and majestic lands. This connection to the land and tradition is what guides us in our mission to create extraordinary and unique wines.

The Unique Wine Landscape: We proudly call Valle di Cembra our home, a place where nature and wine culture merge in an extraordinary way. Our vineyards sprawl across steep terraces basking in the sun, in an environment characterized by an alpine climate and unique mineral-rich soils. These unique conditions give our wines a distinctive character that truly sets them apart.

The Legacy Continues: Today, we continue to cultivate our wine heritage with the same passion and dedication as generations before us. Every step, from vine care to cellar vinification, is driven by our determination to preserve tradition and create elegant wines that tell the story of this remarkable territory.

Explore our range of wines and sparkling wines and join us on a journey through the history and beauty of Valle di Cembra. Villa Corniole is more than just a winery; it is a link to the past, present, and future of heroic viticulture in Trentino-Alto Adige.



trentodoc valle di cembra dolomiti salisa


trentodoc valle di cembra dolomiti salisa


Over the years the family has acquired vineyards in two of the most suitable and interesting areas of Trentino-Alto Adige: the Cembra Valley and the Piana Rotaliana. Here our family produces extreme wines, which identify the mountain countryside, following the entire production process from the countryside to marketing.


Among the varieties produced in the Cembra Valley, we find first of all the Müller Thurgau, which represents the most cultivated grape in all of the valley and symbol of the mountain wines, the Chardonnay, which is vinified both as a still wine and as a Trentodoc classic method sparkling wine in several versions, the Gewürztraminer and the Pinot Noir.

Again, more ice and water to shape the Adige Valley: at the foot of the sunny cliffs of Paganella and Monte di Mezzocorona, the Piana Rotaliana extends,  fertile alluvial land rich in minerals thanks to the Noce river, which originates in the Brenta Dolomites and transports its essential elements.


In this beloved land, especially in Mezzolombardo, our family owns another plot of vineyards of about 3 hectares: here we grow Teroldego grapes, an indigenous vine of Trentino and the prince of the DOC wines of the region, Lagrein and Pinot Grigio, three varieties that best express their sensory characteristics in the Piana Rotaliana.

For a total of about 10 hectares of vineyards divided between Valle di Cembra and Piana Rotaliana, our family is a strong ambassador of mountain viticulture in Trentino-Alto Adige. Villa Corniole is the shared family project, which begins in the vineyard and continues in our Montagna cellar: here all the selected grapes are vinified and harvested exclusively by hand in our vineyards, to obtain unique and elegant wines each year strongly linked to our Alpine territory.

teroldego fot uva villa corniole

The people

villa corniole vini trentino doc dolomiti trentodoc cantina


villa corniole vini trentino doc dolomiti trentodoc cantina


linda pellegrini villa corniole salisa trentodoc


sabina pellegrini trentodoc salisa valle di cembra


sara pellegrini trentodoc salisa valle di cembra


villa corniole vini trentino doc dolomiti trentodoc cantina

''Constant desire to innovate, tradition and passion for viticulture with an eye for sustainability, determination and pride for our alpine territory, are for us the distinctive features of our work that motivate us every day to do our best as a cellar and as a family.''


Onorio & Maddalena


Our values


The element that underlies all our work. It is what binds us, unites us and motivates us every day to do our best. We share a vision and a common project, for personal growth both inside and outside the company environment.


Love for an extreme, difficult and unique land. Daily efforts, passion and pride motivate us to face the hard work that the Cembra Valley requires every day.


Care and respect for nature. The aim of our work is also to pass on to future generations a healthy, rich, healthy territory in balance with our ecosystem.

Meaning of the

In ancient times the area where our family winery is located today was mainly cultivated a  corniolo . Dogwood is a fruit plant that originates small red berries, which tend to be quite acidulous. This fruit is often used for the production of syrups , jams, or used in addition to spirits and grappas. of our cellar.


The logo, the result of a recent restyling, has a double meaning for us. First of all, the emblem represents a stylized dogwood plant: three leaves and two berries, taken from the image of the logo in the previous version. Secondly, the coat of arms represents our family for us: two parents, Honorius and Magdalene represented by the two smaller berries and three daughters, Sara, Linda and Sabina, represented by the 3 surrounding leaves.

logo villa corniole trentino cantina vini trentodoc salisa valle di cembra
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