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Spuma di Champagne


The wines of the cellar evolve and transform themselves following the slow rhythms imposed by nature in the Cembra Valley.

Mountain wines that assimilate a unique Terroir given by the extreme climate, which need to evolve slowly to express and maintain their potential and organoleptic characteristics over time.

Sustainability  for Cantina Villa Corniole it is understood as the best way to transfer a company and a territory that is not impoverished and exploited but still full of natural and human resources to the new generations. The grapes are selected and harvested by hand respecting the environment and the wine tradition. A healthy and environmentally friendly approach, in the best agricultural tradition, combined with research and technology, are the fundamental support for a balanced management of the Villa Corniole Winery.

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The winemaking cellar

From a technical point of view, the cellar was designed to allow the ideal temperatures to be obtained for storing wine and to integrate harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. Villa Corniole is also equipped with modern equipment for winemaking techniques.

Furthermore, the recently installed photovoltaic panels produce most of the energy needed in the cellar during the year.

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The barrel cellar

Villa Corniole, largely underground, allows considerable energy savings thanks to the "natural" temperature and the humidification of the barrel cellar which occurs through the natural exudation of porphyry, a typical rock of the Cembra Valley.

The Barricaia of the cellar is a unique and magical place dug into the porphyritic rock of the Cembra Valley. Here the wines rest with the right calm, at a controlled and constant temperature, not forcing their evolution.

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The tasting room

Our new tasting room is the ideal place to get to know and deepen the excellence of the Villa Corniole winery in complete tranquility. In this room dedicated to food and wine we offer in-depth tours of the world of wine, with themed evenings and tasting of products from the cellar, accompanied by delicacies and typical products of Trentino.

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