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Vintage 2021

The wine vintage of 2021 has produced exceptional white wines characterized by profound fruitiness and elegance, thanks to a late harvest favored by favorable weather conditions. Red wines range from good to excellent.

Indeed, 2021 benefited from a delayed harvest and optimal meteorological conditions, allowing the grapes to mature impeccably due to significant temperature fluctuations. Despite a cold spring causing a delay in flowering, low temperatures mitigated the risk of frost, while abundant summer rains posed a challenge.

Despite the challenges, the favorable weather at the end of summer contributed to an optimal grape quality. For the white wines of Trentino, a vintage of superior quality is anticipated, with particular excellence in varieties such as Chardonnay and Müller Thurgau.

The red wines had a good vintage, despite a sudden drop in temperatures at the end of September. However, Lagrein and Teroldego exhibit pronounced fruity notes and excellent acidity. Among the whites, especially Pinot Grigio and Gewürztraminer, benefit from lower temperatures, resulting in a more slender profile with pleasant fruity notes and excellent acidity balance.

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