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VinoNews24 Interview - Italian wine and new trends

The outlook curated by the VinoNews24 editorial staff is back among Italian wineries. Filed the time of disorientation from Covid, 2021 closes with a clear recovery and for 2022 the expectations are generally very positive, albeit with a sentiment of uncertainty.

Italian wine leaves Covid behind. Or at least file the crisis linked to the pandemic storm, because a 2021 still plagued by waves and partial lockdowns has shown that the wine market holds. Of course, there are still many uncertainties and the companies interviewed - a rather large panel - confirm some fears, but the outlook for 2022 points to a "new normal" as the most desirable horizon.

In general, 2021 closed substantially with growth for all producers and bottlers, in many cases coming to realign themselves on the 2019 figure when not exceeding it. And by 2022 the wineries (with their fingers crossed) are seeing pink, more worried about the exponential increases in costs for energy, raw materials and transport, than for the resistance of the pandemic. Here are the answers to VinoNews24 from companies in Northern Italy.


Villa Corniole – TRENTINO

Maddalena Nardin answers

How did 2021 end? “We recorded a 20% growth in value, an even more satisfactory increase if we consider the closures due to Covid. The performances of e-commerce and point of sale are very interesting, representing 15% of turnover and growing by 30%. Foreign countries are also growing, passing from 30 to 40%. Bubbles are increasing, even if still wines weigh even more in absolute value ”.

What are the expectations for 2022? "The goal is to maintain the excellent results of 2021, increasing by a further 10-15%. We will focus above all on our Trentodoc Salísa, to which a third reference will soon be added. Great expectations for the new vintage of the novelty, Pinot Nero Sagum, which has received praise from the press and restaurants ”.

What new game-changing project in 2022? "In the twentieth year, we aim to implement vineyards and increase abroad, so we will be present at Prowein and Vinitaly. We will work to expand our online and social presence, which is strategic to reach new audiences and markets and to stimulate visits to the cellar, which is constantly increasing ".

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