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pinot grigio ramato

Denomination Dolomiti Igt

Grapes Pinot Grigio

Area Mountain vineyards in Trentino, Piana Rotaliana

Soil Alluvial, with great surface fertility and excellent underlying drainage.

Service temperature 10-14°C

Vinification The grapes are harvested manually and selectively, after which they are destemmed. This is followed by cold maceration in the press for a few hours and subsequent pressing. Fermentation takes place partly in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks and partly in barriques, where it matures for about a year. Further refinement in the bottle follows.


Visual exam Coppery color, with light onion skin reflections.

Olfactory exam The nose has sweet fruity scents and a light note of vanilla.

Taste exam The taste is rich, full, structured, and soft.


Pairings Excellent as an aperitif but not only. The wine also enhances structured first courses and second courses based on white meats, crustaceans, mollusks, seafood, and raw fish, or in combination with fresh or medium-textured cheeses.

pinot grigio ramato orange wine blush copper wine dolomiti trentino doc igt trentino superiore premiato



Medium-aged cheeses

Grilled lean fish

White meat, poultry


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