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Talking about… Teroldego

The "flag" grape of Trentino

Teroldego is the most important black grape variety in Trentino. It matures between mid-September and early October and is raised with the classic Trentino pergola. Teroldego has kinship ties with various other grape varieties, due to both spontaneous crossbreeding and human action.

The genealogy of Teroldego is complex and still not fully understood. From the studies on its DNA, however, we know that it is related to Lagrein, Marzemino, Syrah and most likely also to Pinot Noir.

The habitat of the Teroldego

Teroldego gives excellent results in the Piana Rotaliana: a patch of plain surrounded by the Dolomites. Here, perfect conditions are created: the rocky walls of the mountains protect the vines from the cold winds coming from the North, while they accumulate heat that they release on the vineyards. The breezes that descend from the Val di Non, on the other hand, dry the plants, keeping the vegetation healthy. Soils well drained and rich in minerals: in the Piana Rotaliana the soil is made up of limestone, granite and porphyry stones brought downstream by the river Noce.

Teroldego Rotaliano, DOC since 1971

In order for the wine to claim the DOC, the Teroldego grape - in purity - must be grown in a specific part of the Piana Rotaliana: in Mezzolombardo, Mezzocorona or in Grumo, a hamlet of San Michele all’Adige - TN.

How to combine Teroldego?

When young it goes very well with meat-based first courses, while if aged it is perfect with soups or main courses of meat such as game or roasts. Also worth mentioning is the combination with risotto al Teroldego. If sweet, as in the case of our Hambros Teroldego, it goes well with dry pastries or dark chocolate.


Recently two awards for our interpretations of Teroldego

* Bronze Medal Decanter Award with Teroldego Pietramontis 2018

* Corona Vini Buoni d'Italia with 7 Pergolas Teroldego Rotaliano Riserva 2017

We are super proud of these two new important awards, a symbol of our dedication and constant search for the highest quality.

If you haven't tried them yet, you can discover them directly on our website, or by visiting us in the winery.

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