Villa Corniole was born in the Cembra valley, “land of heroic viticulture” - Trentino Alto Adige.

The history of Villa Corniole, a winery producing still and sparkling wines, comes from long ago, from generations of growers who have built and shaped, with commitment and integrity, one of the most striking landscapes of Trentino, the Cembra valley. where viticulture, defined as "heroic" also represents the form of protection of the landscape, an invaluable value for the territory.

In this alpine valley of unparalleled beauty and of great viticulture tradition, we our extreme white wines, which identify mountain rurality: Müller Thurgau in primis, mountain wine and symbol of the Cembra Valley, Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer and Sparkling Trento Doc.

Ice and water shape the Adige Valley, and at the foot of the sunny cliffs of Paganella and Monte di Mezzocorona, extends the Rotaliana Plain,  fertile alluvial land rich in minerals thanks to the Noce river, which was born in the Brenta Dolomites and carries its essential elements.

In this favorite land, especially in Mezzolombardo, Teroldego grapes are grown, an autochthonous grape, first DOC of Trentino and Prince of Trentino wines, Lagrein and Pinot Grigio, three varieties that in the Piana Rotaliana express their sensorial characteristics at best.

What guides us is the constant desire to innovate, the passion for viticulture, the determination and care for our land which, with its crucial terraces, returns harmonious visual views. Dry-stone walls, the connecting paths to the various vineyards, form and shape a landscape of rare alpine beauty: the picks of the Dolomites, forests and glimpses of rural life. The viticulture of the Cembra valley is a form of protection of the landscape, invaluable to the territory.

The Family Pellegrini is an ambassador of such beauty and majesty and Villa Corniole is the shared family project, which was born in the vineyard and continues in the mountain cellar, where all the grapes harvested by hand in the vineyards in Val di Cembra and in Piana Rotaliana are vinified, to obtain wines unique and elegant with a strong link with the territory.

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