Our philosophy has always been to produce wines that are the expression of the terroir. For this reason, the terroir we are cultivating must be healthy, rich and in balance with the natural resources and the ecosystem present here in Val di Cembra (Trentino-Alto Adige, IT). It is therefore our commitment to minimize the impact on the environment, working with a particular eye for sustainability.

Some of the points that distinguish us in this field are:

  • the winery excavated into the rock: being the winery completely underground, we are able to maintain a constant temperature inside it and therefore we avoid the mechanical conditioning, that would be energetically impacting

  • the winery the cellar is also designed expressly on two levels. The gathering of the grapes and the first processing take place on the upper floor, then the fermentation and the following phases of evolution and aging of the wines take place in an underlying room. This allows us to exploit the “gravity effect” to receive naturally the must in the underlying tanks (avoiding pumps)

  • to clean the cellar we use steam and not running water. The steam is able to eliminate bacteria and sanitize the environment, but above all it also allows us to save a lot of water

  • i nostri serbatoi in cantina sono dotati di una adeguata miscela di fluido refrigerato (55% acqua e 45% glicole propilenico) che, inviata all’intercapedine del serbatoio mediante la pompa di circolazione, consente il raffreddamento dei vini. Questo moderno sistema ci permette pertanto di evitare il flusso continuo di acqua corrente sui serbatoi per mantenerli della giusta temperatura, saving here also an important amount of h2o

  • we are equipped with about sixty solar panels that allow us to be self-sufficient and to produce in a green way all the energy we need for the functioning of the entire winery

  • in the vineyard also, we try to be at the forefront. Our fortune is also to be very close to the Mach Foundation of San Michele all’Adige (enological school and research institute par excellence in Italy). Many new techniques to preserve the environment have been introduced and we have adopted them in our vineyards. A first example may be “sexual confusion” system, a method of hormonal diffusion in the vineyard, which prevents naturally the reproduction of insects and allows us to avoid totally insecticides, pesticides and chemicals

  • we do not use chemical weeding in the vineyard, but we proceed with mechanical machinery

  • we have introduced the sovescio: practice (green manure): agronomic practice consisting in the interactions of specific crops planted among the vineyards in order to maintain or increase soil fertility and biodiversity

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